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What is a Chargeback?

Chargeback is a term commonly used in the merchant processing industry – it occurs when a customer presents a dispute with their issuing bank about a transaction about a purchase made on your site.

A dispute can arise from the customer not being satisfied with their purchase or does not recognize a the transaction on their bank statement. The card issuing bank immediately transfers the disputed payment amount from your account to your customer’s account, and then investigates the case to decide who wins the dispute.

If the case is ruled in favor of the cardholder, unfortunately, you as the merchant are out both, the product/service you provided, as well as the funds collected from your customer.

What you need to know about chargebacks

Most frequent reasons in which a chargeback may occur:

Please let us know if you have received a chargeback, and a dedicated member of our team will work with you immediately to help get the dispute reversed in your favor.

In the event of a chargeback, follow these steps:

Let us know if you received a chargeback, and a dedicated member of our team will work with you to help get the dispute reversed in your favor!

    Comprehensive Chargeback Assistance Services

    Merchant Direct Processing offers the best chargeback coverage for your business.

    At Merchant Direct, our approach is complemented by proven anti-fraud prevention and chargeback representment (contestment) strategies that provide a solution that simplifies your merchant operations and protects you from the gruesome effects of chargebacks and other related issues.

    How Merchant Direct Can Help

    We will work closely with you to avoid any possible chargebacks by helping you implement the proper fraud controls, return, and shipping policies, and manual review. We will also show you how to best disclose those details on your website, etc.
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    This, notwithstanding, we understand that even when you have all the best anti-fraud policies in place, some chargebacks are almost inevitable. This is why you can always rely on our team of friendly payment experts! We help our clients by fighting the chargebacks on your behalf.

    If you are interested in learning more about the many benefits that Merchant Direct offers, you are welcome to contact us and find out about the great perks that we can provide with our payment processing service. Managing chargebacks is time-consuming, yet vital to your company’s bottom line – let us do the work for you so you can focus on what’s important – your business!

    Received a Chargeback? Let's work on disputing it together.