Merchant Direct Processing


Secure, Efficient, Fast

Automate your invoicing process

No-one likes to have to chase payments. It’s time-consuming and can strain customer relations. What’s more, it takes you away from the main task of running your business.

Remove any excuses by making the process quick and simple for your customers. Payment Link is the easy way to send invoices to your customers quickly and securely.

How does it work?

The user-friendly platform will keep your customers happy, increasing the likelihood of payments being made on-time.
Spend less time processing invoices and more time with your customers.

Collecting payments any time of the day has never been easier.

Payment Link by PayTrace is a simple, secure way for merchants to get paid, fast.

Tracking down payments is time-consuming and takes you away from running your company. Payment Link is a way to automate payments with little to no code, programming or using a developer.

Merchants with complicated billing systems can easily use this solution to send secure payments requests to customers. Card numbers pass through PayTrace’s customer vault, reducing liability for merchants.

Payment Link is perfect for:

PayTrace is the only independent payment gateway platform making B2B merchants happy by delivering secure cloud-based payment acceptance and integrated solutions.

Paytrace empowers sales partners by offering high value SaaS technology solutions to businesses. Processing more than $35 billion in the past year, PayTrace is commited to making merchants happy with 5-star support while providing comprehensive, easy-to-use payment solutions that lower processing costs through interchange optimization and increase security.

It’s the simple way for you to get paid. Fast.