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Maine companies and their credit card fees for their clients

< 1 min read | Sep 29, 2021

Is it legal for Maine companies to charge credit card fees to their clients?

Ever since the outbreak, several businesses have become cashless, as well as other clients have chosen to pay using credit cards and other applications rather than paper money. 

Paula posed the following question to the CBS13 I-Team: 

“Is it lawful for Maine enterprises to forward payment processing charges onto customers?” 

No, it does not. 

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    Merchants in Maine are not permitted to apply a premium when customers pay with just a payment card, according to state law. Authorities can, nevertheless, give a monetary offer if it is provided to all prospective consumers as well as properly publicized. 

    Governmental bodies such as cities, villages, as well as public colleges are the sole exceptions to the rule. They are allowed to claim a charge for collecting fees or taxes by using a credit card, but the charge should be notified to the customer in advance. In 2017, one legislator passed legislation to authorize a surcharge, claiming that swipe charges of 3 percentage points end up damaging companies. However, the bill died overnight. 

    You can lodge a lawsuit only with the Maine Attorney’s Office if you come across an organization that is violating the law. 

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