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Find out how Merchant Direct can help your company save time, prevent fraud, and reduce your payment acceptance fees today!

    All payments are not created equal.

    When you are selling online, or providing a product or service to another business, you’re not concerned with credit card terminals, fancy point of sale systems, or EMV card readers. E-commerce and B2B companies transact in a different and more complex payment ecosystem than that of traditional brick and mortar businesses. At Merchant Direct, we understand this difference and are here to share our knowledge and expertise to help your business operate more efficiently.


    Retailers operating online require highly sophisticated payment gateways that give them the capability to not only process a payment, but also to prevent fraud, retain customers, automate invoicing, and much more. With our team of highly skilled in-house developers and our lineup of full featured out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions, we take all the pain and confusion out of payment processing and let you focus on your business!

    B2B Solutions​

    Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and any company that provides a product or service to another business or government entity must be able to provide a fast and secure way for their clients to make payments. And given that Visa & MasterCard have special interchanges rates for Commercial, Corporate and Purchasing credit cards, it is also important to ensure that every transaction qualifies for the lowest possible interchange rate.  With over 15 years of experience in B2B and B2G payments, you can count on Merchant Direct to deliver custom solutions tailored to your unique method of doing business. 

    Our Process

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    STEP 1 – Analyze

    Fax, email or upload the most recent copy of your merchant statement. Our team of seasoned analysts will perform a line-by-line analysis to determine the types of credit cards you are processing and the Interchange rates where they are qualifying.

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    STEP 2 – Discuss

    We’ll listen to any concerns you have regarding your existing payments service and discuss how our software solutions can help your business run more effectively. From automated e-invoicing, to fraud prevention, and virtual gift and loyalty programs, we’ve got your business covered!

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    STEP 3 – Transition

    Take comfort in knowing that making the switch will never cause any down-time, and usually won’t require any time or work from you or your developers. We are compatible with every major payment gateway and shopping cart on the market, making a transition as simple as a flip of the switch.

    Get started now.

      How we can help.

      Support you can depend on.

      As a valued Merchant Direct client, you will enjoy a personal account manager who is responsible for ongoing interchange optimization, periodic cost reduction analysis, fraud management, chargeback assistance, technical support and much more.

      Technology you can rely on.

      Keep your existing payment gateway and business software or choose from any of our free secure payment gateway solutions. EMV capable hardware is also available for walk-in and mobile (out in the field) payments.

      Why choose us.

      Take the pain out of shopping.

      By grouping your statement volume with hundreds of other merchants looking for lower fees, we are able to negotiate rates others just can’t beat. Our hand-picked stable of the industry’s top banks and card processors bid for the full group of business with the most favorable terms available.

      No downtime. No hassle.

      And our experienced team of payments professionals will support every aspect, from gateway transitions to shopping cart integrations and also terminal and point of sale integrations for Omnichannel payments. 

      Fully Compatible with all Major Gateways. Ask about our Custom Integrations!

      Contact us today for a no obligation cost savings analysis.